NewroniaSolver is the automated planning software for businesses with clients with different delivery frequencies. Is composed by a long-term planner and a Dynamic Planner. The long-term planning creates a plan (6-12 months) taking into account each client’s frequency; twice a week, weekly, twice a month, monthly, every other month… And the dynamic planner adapts the plan to the daily changes: new, deleted, and modified customers.

Routing Reparto

Online system designed to plan routes with multiple stops, reduce transportation costs of the business and maximize the number of clients visited, simplifying the planning work.

  • Costs savings and decrease planning time
  • Mobile app for the drivers
  • Improve customer service
  • Control your routes
  • Real-time monitoring
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    Custom Projects

    Newronia performs custom optimization projects of routes and spaces (pallet optimization, container optimization, cutting optimization, etc..) tailoring their software to the specific needs of the client.