Plan IT!

Newronia Plan it! is a fleet optimisation software component for integratorsPlan it! can be integrated with other software systems such as ERP, CRM, fleet tracking systems, among others, and enhances these systems with planning and optimisation features.

Newronia Plan it! allows to optimise according to different criteria, such as number of vehicles used, traveled distance or total cost of the solution. The result is the work planning assigned to each vehicle. All this is achieved through a fast, efficient, flexible and robust computation.

The component communicates to the integrating application through standard XML, and it is complemented with a GIS system for cartographic information and with a user interface to graphically show the results.

Plan it! can be adapted to a wide range of areas, not only to freight transportation, but also to ambulance fleet, bicycle systems, passenger transportation, waste recollection, etc.

Integration examples:

Some areas of applications are sales visitsrepair servicesmaintenance serviceswaste recollectionfreight transportation or passenger transportationPlan it! is in constant evolution, adding new features and improving its efficiency.

Project co-financed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (Inncorpora-PTQ line) and the European Social Fund